About Us

About One Rehabilitation Service

Following a brain injury, a person will have different requirements at different times in their life. One Rehabilitation Service can provide a range of services to meet the lifelong needs of a person living with a brain injury. All of our staff have extensive experience working in the area of brain injury. Depending of the client’s needs, a referral can be made to one or more of our allied health professionals.

We provide our comprehensive service to the Adelaide metropolitan area. Clients in regional areas can be seen using a consultative approach.

  • Neurophysiotherapist


    • Mobility assessment & retraining
    • Balance assessment and retraining
    • Retraining of movement and body awareness
    • Spasticity and contracture management
    • Fitness and strengthening programs
    • Vestibular assessment and management of dizziness and vertigo
    • Carer and Staff Education and Training

  • Occupational Therapist

    Occupational Therapy

    • Upper limb functional assessment and treatment
    • Spasticity and contracture management including casting & hand splinting
    • Living Skills Assessment and Retraining
    • Cognitive Assessment and Functional Retraining
    • Home Safety Assessment
    • Home Modification Assessment and Coordination of Home Modifications
    • Equipment Prescription and Adaptive Technology

  • Speech Pathologist

    Speech Pathology

    • Assessment and therapy for communication difficulties including aphasia including dysarthria and cognitive-communication impairment
    • Communication partner training
    • Training of technology use to enhance communication and cognition
    • Swallowing assessments, management plans, treatment, and carer/staff training
    • Rehabilitation for cognitive impairment- attention, memory, and executive functioning.

  • Clinical Psychologist

    Clinical Psychology

    • Assessment and planning for complex emotional and behavioural issues
    • Assessment and provision of support for families
    • Grief and adjustment counselling
    • Counselling

  • Social Work

    Social Work

    • Family support
    • Facilitating community integration and linking in with supports and groups
    • Grief and adjustment counselling

  • Neuropsychologist


    • Formal assessment and reporting of cognition impairment
    • Recommendations for therapy program based on cognitive strengths and deficits
    • Mental capacity assessment
    • Family education